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Happy birthday, Billy!

To the favorite actor I wish interesting scripts and another two decades of fruitful career at least. ))
And to us, his devoted fans, I wish many more Billy's brightest performances we love him for!

An awesome recent interview

OMFG 1:42-1:45 y'all HAVE to see this. its such a cute interview.


Like father like son.....

Whilst trawling through the Internet today, I came across this pic of Billy with his son Darren. The whole familial resemblance is striking... To say the least. Does anyone have any other photos of them together to share?


behind the scenes footage of billy

not sure what film it is, but its behind the scene footage involving billy's makeup process and costuming.. prep, etc, caution to those who might be squeamish about seeing billy eating a plastic spleen.(yes you read that right. he eats a plastic spleen) link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_lcB1ZnWgU


Dear friends, are you interested in my fanvideos posted here? Or youtube is just enough?


whilst googling our most awesome man, i stumbled across some two year old pap photos, which, you hardly see when Billy's concerned. so the photos are most awesome *and squee worthy* however the article the photographer wrote to go with it, is very rude, and downright mean. i've included the link to the article. Discussion anyone? *hint*theres a comment page at the website*end of hint*


and even though there are photos in the link, heres one of them for legality.
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As I promised my dear friend, Sarah, here is the banner for the community.
Hope you all like it, guys!

Some Billy Drago for Your Weekend!

Due to lame illness, which thankfully I do not believe is H1N1 or any other type of flu, I am spending another evening doing nothing and feeling crappy. I thought I would cheer myself up, and possibly some of you, by posting some Billy Drago pics that are on my computer. Enjoy!